8th November 2018 at 20:36
First 8K Video from Space   Ultra HDScience gets scaled up with the first 8K ultra high definition (UHD) video from the International Space Station. Get closer to the in-space experience and see how the international partnership-powered human spaceflight is improving lives on Earth, while enabling humanity to explore the universe. More: https://go.nasa.gov/2zgPY5o Special thanks to the European Space Agency, the ISS National Lab, and astronauts Alexander Gerst, Serena Auñón-Chancellor, Ricky Arnold and Drew Feustel.

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Featured investigations and facilities:
0:01, 2:36 BEST seeks to advance use of sequencing DNA and RNA in space. https://go.nasa.gov/2tNntKu

0:13 The Minus Eighty-Degree Laboratory Freezer for ISS (MELFI) is a cold storage unit that maintains experiment samples at ultra-cold temperatures throughout a mission. https://go.nasa.gov/2RkJAl5

0:21 The Advanced Plant Habitat (APH), a recent addition to the space station, is the largest growth chamber aboard the orbiting laboratory. https://go.nasa.gov/2JCi8vV

0:33 Canadarm2 is part of Canada's contribution to the space station. This 17-metre-long robotic arm was extensively involved in the assembly of the orbiting laboratory. https://go.nasa.gov/2ReaU42

0:41 Crew Earth Observations record how the planet is changing over time, from human-caused changes like urban growth and reservoir construction, to natural dynamic events such as hurricanes, floods and volcanic eruptions. https://go.nasa.gov/2KLFAaq

0:49 The Light Microscopy Module (LMM) is a modified commercial, highly flexible, state-of-the-art light imaging microscope facility that provides researchers with powerful diagnostic hardware and software onboard the space station. https://go.nasa.gov/2RfdYwS

0:53 ACE-T-2 looks at the assembly of complex structures from micron-scale colloidal particles interacting via tunable attractive interactions. https://go.nasa.gov/2Re2ppS

0:57 Plant Habitat-1 comprehensively compares differences in genetics, metabolism, photosynthesis, and gravity sensing between plants grown in space and on Earth. https://go.nasa.gov/2MdDBfc

1:05 The Cupola provides an observation and work area for the International Space Station crew that gives visibility to support the control of the station’s robotic arms, and a beautiful view of the Earth, celestial objects and visiting vehicles. https://go.nasa.gov/2CRsxCT

1:14 Atomization observes the disintegration processes of low-speed water jets under various conditions to improve spray combustion processes inside rocket and jet engines. https://go.nasa.gov/2RkKrlN

1:30 BCAT-CS focuses on the study of forces between particles that cluster together by studying sediments of quartz and clay particles. https://go.nasa.gov/2p6WBSV

1:38 Functional Immune analyzes blood and saliva samples to determine the changes taking place in crew members’ immune systems during flight. https://go.nasa.gov/2RfUMz1

2:03 Life Support Rack (LSR) is a technology demonstrator for closed loop air revitalization. https://go.nasa.gov/2Rdfi3C

2:15 The Japanese Experiment Module Airlock is used to deliver science experiments to external platforms, and prepare small satellites for deployment from station. https://go.nasa.gov/2RdcBik

2:23 SPHERES Tether Slosh combines fluid dynamics equipment with robotic capabilities aboard the space station to investigate automated strategies for steering passive cargo that contain fluids. https://go.nasa.gov/2RfQPdQ

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For more information on how you can conduct your research in microgravity, visit https://go.nasa.gov/2q84LJj

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